Best Earplugs For Swimming

best 5 earplugs for swimming

Best 5 Earplugs for swimming

As an expert in earplugs, I truly understand the struggles of having sensitive ears but still wanting to enjoy the benefits of regular swimming for a great workout. For people like us, swimming can be painful due to the risk of ear infections, especially a condition known as swimmer’s ear. That’s where swimmer earplugs come to the rescue!

I can’t stress enough how essential earplugs are for swimmers like us. After swimming, water can get trapped in the ear, providing a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and leading to painful infections. Trust me, an ear infection can ruin your swimming experience and make you dread getting into the water again.

Thankfully, the solution is simple: swimming earplugs. These specially designed earplugs create a barrier that prevents water from entering your ears and disturbing the delicate balance of earwax. By keeping water out, they safeguard your ears, making your swimming experience comfortable and worry-free.

Choosing the right earplugs is crucial, given the wide variety of brands and types available. Being an earplug enthusiast, I’ve tried numerous options to find the best ones for swimming. Nothing is more important to me than ensuring water stays out of my ear canal, and I encourage everyone with sensitive ears to do the same for a joyful swimming experience. So, let’s keep our ears protected and keep on swimming happily!

5 Best Earplugs for Swimming

Diving into the world of swimming earplugs, I’ve carefully curated a list of the five finest options that deserve your attention. These exceptional earplugs are tailored to elevate your aquatic experiences, providing both comfort and performance. You can now wave goodbye to confusion and hesitation when selecting the perfect pair.

To assist you further, I’ve meticulously crafted a handy comparison table. This table lays out the fundamental features of each earplug, simplifying the decision-making process. Whether you prioritize watertight seals, noise reduction capabilities, or an impeccable fit, this comprehensive comparison will effortlessly guide you towards your ideal choice.

1- Hearprotek swimming earplugs

Hearprotek swimming earplugs


  • Stay in place well
  • Comfortable
  • Reusable 
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • Comes with 2 pairs 
  • Comes with an extra protective case
  • Very affordable



  • not perfect for intense swimming practices

What I like about them

If you’re in search of earplugs that offer a unique blend of hearing capability and protection, look no further than Hearprotek ergonomic earplugs. These specially designed earplugs are crafted to provide a comfortable and secure fit within your ears, while also allowing you to hear your surroundings clearly, even while wearing them. Unlike conventional flanged models, these earplugs boast a superior shape that snugly conforms to your ear’s contours and lays flat against the ear cup.

With such a precise fit, you can trust in their exceptional water-resistant properties, effectively guarding against any unwelcome water intrusion during your swimming or surfing adventures. So, dive into the water without hesitation, as these Hearprotek earplugs promise to be the ideal companions, granting both auditory awareness and dependable ear protection throughout your aquatic escapades.

What I do not like about them

While exploring these earplugs, I discovered some noteworthy aspects that warrant consideration. The integration of a waterproof mesh and acoustic core is commendable, allowing sound to pass through while keeping water at bay. This unique feature ensures awareness of your surroundings, a positive attribute for many users. However, I encountered a drawback:

when diving deep, water can seep in, leading to discomfort, which was a downside I personally did not appreciate. Despite the benefit of audibility, this limitation may hinder the overall experience for those seeking complete waterproof protection. Taking this into account, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons before deciding if these earplugs align with your specific needs and preferences.

2- SurfEars 3.0


  • Best Overall
  • Most Comfortable 
  • %100 Waterproof
  • great range of sizes
  • Comes extra protective case
  • Reusable for a long time



  • Expensive

If you are planning to buy an earplug for any water activity, Surfears may be just what you are looking for. I have tested many different earplugs for swimming over the years. Overall, the Surfears 3.0 are the best not only for swimmers but also for surfers or if you dive deeper while swimming.

What I like about them

Let me share with you why I am truly delighted with these earplugs. Purchasing them was a decision that has proven to be rewarding, as they fulfill all my expectations for extended swimming sessions. Crafted from premium-grade silicone, these earplugs boast exceptional durability, allowing for repeated use without compromise. In fact, the Surfears 3.0 leads the pack with the longest lifespan among the earplugs on my list.

Their ingenious design resembles that of earpads, which ensures a secure fit while I enjoy my time swimming or surfing. With various sizes available, they snugly fit into my ears, offering utmost comfort and preventing any discomfort while engaging in water activities.

Not only do the Surfears 3.0 deliver on performance, but they also come with a thoughtful inclusion of a high-quality silicone case. Featuring a magnetic closure and a small metal carabiner, this case proves to be remarkably convenient. I cherish the ease of carrying them with me when heading to the beach or pool. It saves me the hassle of bringing along numerous items, as I can simply tuck them into my pocket and relish my day to the fullest. These earplugs have truly become my reliable aquatic companions, making every swim a delightful and stress-free experience.

What I do not like about them

One drawback that stands out with the SurfEars 3.0 is their higher price compared to standard swimming earplugs. Nonetheless, having personally tried them, I must admit the elevated cost is entirely warranted, given their outstanding performance surpassing any regular earplugs for swimming.

Yet, I did come across an aspect where SurfEars falls short of its promise. While they claim to enable hearing sounds while in use, I found it challenging to hear ambient sounds clearly. For those who value the ability to stay attuned to their surroundings, this could be considered a minor inconvenience when opting for SurfEars.

3- Zoggs Aqua Plugz earplugs


  • Comfortable wearing
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with 2 pairs of customizable earplugs
  • Moldable; it fits all sizes
  • Very affordable



  • Relatively expensive
  • Fancy earplugs for sleeping

What I like about them

Let me share my enthusiasm for these exceptional earplugs crafted from hypoallergenic medical grade silicone. What I truly admire about them is their ability to offer a comfortable and secure fit for your ears, all at an incredibly affordable price. The moldable feature allows you to shape them to perfectly match the contours of your ears, granting you a customized fit like no other.

To make the process even easier, the package comes with a user-friendly manual that provides step-by-step instructions on how to properly insert and shape the earplugs. This thoughtful addition ensures you won’t have to worry about getting it right on your own. However, it might take a few attempts before you achieve the ideal custom fit – but rest assured, the effort is well worth the personalized comfort they deliver.

Moreover, the moldable nature of these earplugs means they are suitable for all ear sizes, making them a versatile choice for anyone looking to purchase them. With this advantage, you can confidently invest in these earplugs, knowing they will adapt to your ears perfectly, regardless of their size. Embrace the exceptional fit, comfort, and value these earplugs bring to enhance your auditory experiences with ease and affordability.

What I do not like about them

For those seeking a quick fix in urgent situations where ear protection during swimming is necessary, I would suggest considering these earplugs. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge their limitations. These earplugs are designed for one-time use only, and once removed, reinserting them becomes a challenge. Moreover, their hygienic aspect leaves much to be desired, as dirt tends to cling to the silicone material, and cleaning them proves to be impractical.

Given my emphasis on preventing ear infections, I find it essential to refrain from reusing these earplugs. Instead, it’s advisable to opt for a fresh pair each time they are needed. By doing so, you can ensure that your ears remain well-protected, maintaining proper hygiene throughout your swimming adventures. Your health and safety deserve the utmost care, and making informed decisions about earplug usage can lead to a more enjoyable and worry-free swimming experience.

Mack's Ear Seals Dual Purpose Earplugs

Macks Ear Seals Earplugs


  • Soft
  • Comfortable 
  • Reusable



  • Takes some water inside
  • Lifespan is short


The doctor-recommended Mack’s Ear Seals earplugs are great not only for swimming, but also for studying, working, and even going to concerts.

What I like about them

Among the array of earplugs, the design of Mack’s Ear Seals caught my attention as truly exceptional. With their unique four-tiered structure, these earplugs fit seamlessly and snugly within the ears. The ease of insertion without excessive pressure contributes to their remarkable comfort, making them stand out from the rest.

These earplugs serve as an excellent option for swimming enthusiasts seeking a balance between noise reduction and functionality. While they offer effective soundproofing capabilities, they strike a perfect harmony, ensuring you remain aware of your surroundings without feeling overly isolated. Though not ideal for sleeping, they prove incredibly valuable in various scenarios, particularly in work environments where you desire noise absorption without complete isolation.

With Mack’s Ear Seals earplugs, you can experience unparalleled comfort and moderate noise shielding, making them a versatile and practical choice for your swimming endeavors and beyond.

What I do not like about them

While I’ve praised the earplugs for their features, I do have some reservations. Firstly, my concern lies in the delicate and thin cord that connects the two earpieces. Given constant use, I fear it may not withstand the test of time. Additionally, getting accustomed to the ear pressure might take some time, impacting the overall user experience. Even though they are advertised as reusable, their durability might be compromised with regular and healthy use.

Another drawback worth mentioning is that, during swimming sessions, some water still manages to seep into the earplugs. This occurrence could be attributed to their shape and the fact that they don’t fully cover all the entrances of the ears. This water infiltration could potentially cause discomfort and hinder the earplugs’ efficacy in keeping water out effectively.

Despite these shortcomings, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons to make an informed decision that aligns with your individual needs and preferences. By being aware of these drawbacks, you can better assess whether these earplugs are the right fit for your swimming endeavors.

5- Mack's Pillow Soft Silicone Earplugs

mack's pillow soft earplugs


  • Very Soft
  • Comfortable wearing
  • %100 Waterproof
  • Comes with 6 pairs of customizable earplugs
  • Moldable; it fits all sizes
  • Very affordable
  • Useful for many purposes



  • Not Reusable
  • Dirt get stuck easily
  • Not Cleanable


What I like about them

Allow me to introduce you to the remarkable Mack’s Pillow Soft® Silicone Putty Ear Plugs—a versatile choice that perfectly complements your swimming, sleeping, and study sessions. These soft and moldable putty earplugs have won my heart for numerous reasons, making them a must-have for my summer vacations and beyond.

The beauty of these earplugs lies in their all-encompassing usability. Whether I’m enjoying a relaxing swim or seeking peaceful slumber, Mack’s Pillow Soft® Ear Plugs are my trusty companions. Their medical recommendation, along with their safe, non-allergenic, and non-toxic properties, ensure absolute comfort without any tickling or irritation.

One of the standout features is their ingenious design, precisely crafted to snugly cover the outer ear without delving too deep into the ear canal. This clever construction renders them not only comfortable but also exceptionally waterproof—an essential characteristic when it comes to swimming earplugs. In my personal experience, when properly shaped and inserted, they work like a charm, preventing any water from seeping into the ears effectively.

Rest assured, Mack’s Pillow Soft® Silicone Putty Ear Plugs are a reliable choice, but I do recommend familiarizing yourself with the correct usage through an informative video before purchasing. So, whether you’re diving into the pool or diving into a dreamy sleep, these earplugs offer the ultimate protection and serenity you seek.

What I do not like about them

Let’s take a closer look at the Mack’s Soft Pillow silicone earplugs, which boast remarkable softness but come with a notable drawback. Their plush texture, while initially comfortable, tends to attract dirt and sand quite easily, leading to frequent cleaning requirements. Despite their versatility for various functions like swimming, noise reduction, bathing, and sleeping, the unfortunate downside is their limited lifespan due to rapid soiling after each use.

Personally, I find them unsuitable for extended use, especially after swimming sessions, as dirt can get trapped within the earplugs, rendering them challenging to clean effectively. This accumulation of debris not only shortens their overall lifespan but also raises concerns about hygiene.

Nevertheless, if you prioritize comfort above all else and don’t mind regular replacement, these earplugs can still offer decent performance for your chosen activities. Just keep in mind the importance of proper maintenance and replacement to ensure optimal functionality and hygiene.

Plus: Mack’s Ear Band Swimming Headband

macks ear band for swimming

When it comes to safeguarding your ears from water, relying solely on earplugs might not suffice. But fret not! There’s another excellent option available – swimming headbands designed to provide additional ear protection. If your priority is to keep water at bay during your aquatic ventures, considering the combination of earplugs and swimming headbands is a smart choice.

These headbands complement earplugs perfectly, ensuring an even higher level of ear protection, granting you the freedom to dive into the water without any concerns. Embrace the peace of mind knowing that your ears are well-guarded, allowing you to relish your swimming adventures to the fullest.

How to use earplugs while swimming

Properly using earplugs for swimming is essential for swimmers and individuals sensitive to ear issues. While swimming is generally a low-impact activity, the risk of swimmer’s ear can’t be ignored, where excessive water overwhelms the natural defenses, creating a perfect environment for bacteria growth due to the lack of earwax. To safeguard your ears during swimming, earplugs play a crucial role.

Here are some basic tricks to ensure the proper use of earplugs for swimming:

  • Clean your earplugs diligently after every swim to prevent bacterial buildup.
  • If your earplugs are made of plasticine and are malleable, it’s best to discard them after each use for hygiene purposes.
  • Opt for earplugs in bright colors to easily spot and retrieve them in case they accidentally fall out while swimming.
  • Remember to keep the earplugs in place even when you shower after swimming, as this will further protect your ears from excess moisture and potential infections.

By following these simple yet vital guidelines, you can enjoy your swimming sessions worry-free, knowing your ears are well-protected.